Safety Car Crash 19. May 2009

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Last weekend happend something quite rarely in the WTCC race in Pau.
The Safety Car driver crashed into the current leader of the race (Franz Engstler). Luckily nobody got hurt.


But watch yourself:


Rock – Paper – Scissors… 9. May 2009

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Something weird happend at a football game in Norway last weekend.


Prior to every football game the captains of the teams and the referee gather in the middle of the field to decide which team will kick-off the game and which direction the teams have to play. But usually a coin-toss is used to decide which team can kick-off and which can choose the direction they wish to play. But unfortunately this referee forgot to take along the coin. Instead of finding another coin he decided to replace the traditional coin-toss with ‘rock-paper-scissors’. So the both captains played ‘rock-paper-scissors’ to decide the kick-off. Isn’t that weird?


Here you can see the ‘pre-game’ of the football match:


Maybe the FIFA gets its inspiration from this referee and considers take over this way in future… 😉


Daniel Albrecht: Press conference 29. April 2009

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Today was broadcasted a press conference with Daniel Albrecht. It was the first time he talked publicily about what happend after the accident in January.


Here’s a link to watch the press conference:

press conference

I’m not sure but I guess it can only be watched in Switzerland…


But at least I’ll try to translate what’s being said. (I’m sure that there are many mistakes. I really apologizes but it’s quite though to translate from Swiss-German into English)


“I’m happy that I’m well again and it’s nice to see you all again. Well… I had a bad accident and I was off for a while, but now I’m back. What did I go through? It was going on a lot.
I want to thank the persons who cared about me. Especially my family, my girlfriend – she has been doing a lot – , my fans and all the people who were thinking of me, wrote me, went to church for me and sent me letters. I was surprised and it was beautiful, because it means a lot when people to church to light a candle. And as I heard there were many people doing so.”


The interview:

Q: January 22th, a sad day. Do you have any memories of that day?
A: No, I don’t. I forgot everything.
When I woke up I saw people I knew, but the memory was not there. I’ve just been aware of what happend from the time on I came to Bern. Everything what happend before that, I’ve forgot. And that’s a long term.


Q: How did the memories come back? Who did help you?
A: At the beginning it was hard, because you came round, but you didn’t have any thoughts or questions. You don’t know what happend, what the date is, you don’t even know how old you are.
I’ve talked a lot with my parents and my girlfriend and everything came back gradually.


Q: You saw a video with your fall. Was it necessary to watch it in order to assimilate the fall and didn’t the people warn you not to watch it?
A: At the beginning the people told me not to watch it or not to watch it too soon. And there was a time where I didn’t want to watch it. There was also a time when I didn’t know that I’ve been such a good ski racer :-). And when I watched it, it was very special for me, because I knew that the person on TV was me, but I didn’t recognize it. It was like that there was someone else who had fall.


Q: I assume you did some tests in order to acsertain how strong you still are, didn’t you?
A: Yes, that’s the way it was. I knew how I had been before and when I saw myself in the mirror I noticed that I lost weight. Then I tried to do some press-ups, but I didn’t managed to do a single one. I thought then: “you’re out of shape” and accepted the way it was.


Q: You’re speaking as you always used to. But there was a time where it wasn’t like this. Did you have to learn word by word again?
A: Well, yes. For example I didn’t know anymore what a butterfly was. I mean I knew what it was, but I didn’t know the name of this animal.


Q: What are you looking for now?
A: I’m happy that I’m recovered. I’m looking forward to going home. And soon I will do some ski-practice.


Q: It seems that you decided to ski again.
A: I’ve already asked the question whether I should come back or not. But the fact is that we don’t know if I’ll be able to ski again, so we have to test it out. I liked to be a ski racer; it was a ‘cool job’. And at the moment I really want to come back. But maybe I won’t be able to ski at this level again. But we’ll see.

I have to say that Albrecht hardly stopped smiling during the interview. He really seems to be well.
I wish him all the best for the coming days, weeks and months of work to get there where he wants to get.


Latest news about Daniel Albrecht 22. April 2009

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Here are the latest news about Daniel Albrecht:


Daniel Albrecht


I don’t have the time to translate the whole text, so I’ll make a brief summary.


It’s told that Albrecht still making progress and that he might leave the hospital in Bern at the beginning of May. After that he will go to a rehabilitation facility, most probably he will go Leukerbad (you can see on the picture) which is near is hometown Fiesch.

Swiss Ski will make sure that Albrecht has a sepearte coach. Jörg Roten will do a special programm with Albrecht. And Roten is confident that Albrecht could be able to ski again in August.


Latest news about Stéphane Lambiel 31. March 2009

There are still rumors about Stéphane Lambiel to be planning to stage a comeback. The question about his comeback has been asked several times these days.
I’ll be great for Switzerland if he’d really come back, since he has a really good chance to qualify for the Olympic Games yet. At the moment Sarah Meier is the only Swiss ice skater who’s already qualified for Vancouver 2010. Jamal Othman the other Swiss skater who participated in the recent World Championships did not even reach the final what means that he didn’t qualify for the Olympics. But he still has one chance: the Nebelhorn trophy in Oberstdorf in September (if I’m not mistaken).


To get back to the original subject: Stéphane Lambiel’s supposed comeback


here’s the related link: Stéphane Lambiel


I tried to translate the article. At the moment I’m quite busy so there are possibly some mistakes.

Stéphane Lambiel was present at the recent World Championships, but just as a guest – as he stressed. Lately he’s always made clear that he didn’t have the intention to stage a comeback. He justified his decision that he was still in pain with his adductores and that he liked the life as a “show-skater”. So everything seems to be clear, doesn’t it? No. “There are some signs that he wants to keep a possibility”, the Art on Ice-boss Oliver Höher said. “He’s practicing and he’s still taking part of the Antidoping-programme.
When Lambiel went to Los Angeles he proudly told Höner that his practice went great two days ago. He was even able to jump a triple axel and a quad toe-loop. Does this sound like an athlete that already retired especially in view of the fact that these difficult jumps aren’t necessary for a gala programme?


There’s also the rumor that Lambiel’s management is putting pressure on him. “We don’t pressurize him. It’s his own decision”, Höner told. “He can only support a decicion that he made himself. So it wouldn’t make sense to enforce.


Would a comeback have a positive influence on his “market value”? “It depends on the result. An Olympic Gold medal has always a positive infulence”, Oliver Höner told. The former ice skater thinks that Lambiel could also keep his high “marked value” without a participation in the Olympic Games. Not long ago there was hold a survey about the most famous and popular athletes in Switzerland. Stéphane Lambiel took the second place behind Roger Federer.
However Stéphane Lambiel has a full appointments diary. From April 8th he will skate in shows in Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Korea and Canada.


Höner does not totally agree that Lambiel’s comeback would be important for the ice-skating in Switzerland. “Finally Stéphane could just benefit if he’d win a medal. Otherwise it wouldn’t be good for him or Swiss Skate either. He’s expected to win medals. Everything else isn’t important.”